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2017 Cotton Patch Challenge will be held

September 16, 2017





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2016 South West Buick GMC –Cotton Patch Challenge
A Major Bicycle Ride in Hunt County
Hosted by Greenville Rotary and YMCA of Greenville & Hunt County



The CPC Rally Committee is hard at work getting ready for the 2017 Southwest Buick-GMC Challenge to be held on September 16, 2017.


We are keeping the same courses as last year for going out in the Southern part of the county but are making a major change coming back into Greenville. We have greatly reduced the travel miles along the busy part of the I-30 frontage road. Check out the course maps when they are available.


This year the Two Mile Bridge will be completed which will make for an enjoyable ride across the bridge.

Overall we feel we have the right courses to give you an enjoyable ride in the country.

Summary of the 2016 SW-GMC Cotton Patch Classic

The 2016 Southwest Buick GMC Cotton Patch Challenge Bicycle Ride is over and in the books. For the first time in 20 years, the Bike Rally covered was held in the Southern part of Hunt County.


The results are in and it looks like we have a winner with the Southern Routes. The bike ride organizers received a lot of positive feed back on the Southern routes, with lots of compliments on the excellent traffic control, the roads, scenery and the rest stops.


We had 673 riders this year, an increase from last year's 623 riders. The number of riders was terrific considering we had two elements going against us. First, the weather forecast could not have been worse. For eight days before the event, predictions were calling for rain on Saturday and all the way up to the day before. Of course, Saturday was sunny and clear. The other negative element was a bike ride in North Dallas sponsored by Pat & Emmett Smith Charities, which we understand had 1,400 riders. In spite of the bad weather forecast and the direct competition, we had more riders this year than last year.


The two longest routes, 75 and 63 miles, came across the Two-Mile Bridge. Based on the sign-up, that accounted for 281 riders or 42% of the total riders for the event. These riders also enjoyed the great rest stop at the Chamber Office on Hwy. 276.


To support the ride, the committee had a very strong PR program that got the word out in various media platforms across seven counties. (Please see the attachment for the PR details.)


The Bike Ride committee is looking ahead to next year's ride by changing some parts on a few routes to reduce traffic concerns. Also under consideration is also adding a third route that crosses the Two-Mile Bridge.

We'll keep you posted on changes as they become finalized.


We're all looking forward to a bigger and better 2017 Cotton Patch Challenge bicycle ride.


Don McBride
Rotary Bike Rally Chairman


Sample of comments from surveys sent in:

  • Volunteer and police/fire presence was great. Rest stops were well-stocked
  • Very friendly folks. Boy scout troop was great.
  • The roads and scenery were great. The location of each rest stop was perfect.
  • The traffic control was excellent.


A sad note to our 2016 Ride.

A volunteer at our first rest stop (Center Point Christian Church) was killed in an accident while driving his truck
a short distance (1/4 mile) after leaving the rest stop. The resulting accident closed down US Hwy 69 for hours during clean up/investigation and diverted traffic to our finishing routes that paralleled Hwy 69. Unfortunately, the result was high volume vehicle traffic on our routes on the return trip to Greenville.



2016 Ride Pictures

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